Podium at Rye for Team G3Pro Quadrant

G3 Quadrant – 2nd

Unusually for a Club100 race weekend, the Quadrant Championships took place on the Friday afternoon. The weather for Round 3 at Rye House was some of the wettest of the year so far and the racing was to take place in some very tricky conditions. Rhodri Parry and Calum Jones all took a day off work to represent the G3 Quadrant team, chasing championship rivals Hicks Racing.

Race one saw Rhodri line up 11th on the grid and a superb opening lap saw him climb up to third but then he got stuck in some battles for the top positions, ultimately dropping to finish 6th.

Race two gave Calum a chance at racing in the now very wet conditions from a promising 2nd on the grid. The first lap saw Calum get involved in an incident and requiring a bump start to re-join at the back. He absolutely mastered the soaked circuit and began quickly overtaking rivals to move back towards the front, wowing the spectators watching in the rain with exuberant but fast driving. Calum made it all the way to 4th position by lap 14 and looked to be a challenger for the race win but again got caught up un an accident and dropped back down eventually finishing 6th with the fastest overall lap of the race to his name.

Feeling in the zone now, Calum remained on track to then compete in race 3, this time from 2nd to last on the grid. Right from the world go Calum was back on front running pace, clinically overtaking all karts in front of him to take the lead by lap 5. Nobody could match his speed and he remained in the lead for the rest of the race.

Rhodri was back in the seat for race 4 and started 7th on the grid. He remained in 7th, battling in the midfield traffic until lap 12 when he had a spin and it put pay to a high placed finish. He eventually brought the kart home in 11th.

Although their best three results would ultimately count towards their final classification (a 1st and two 6th places), they were surprised to be third place finishers in the event behind main championship rivals Hicks Racing and also Maxx MPH Racing. Although a podium on a tough day is a great achievement, finishing behind Hicks means that the gap at the top of the championship has widened to 20 points. The team will be back racing at Shenington on the 26th May.

Team G3 Inters – No weigh – mixed fortunes for trio in 4th place

Mark took the wheel in qualifying but wasn’t able to produce the goods and stick them near the front end of the grid; like at Whilton Mill, 26th was the best he could do.

The wet conditions didn’t appear to favour G3Pro Inters. Stewart, who opted to do the race start and first two stints, wasn’t feeling optimistic, as he’s never liked wet racing conditions either. On the first four laps Stewart managed to make up 10 places, which wasn’t too bad at all. Some places were due to others pitting, but now spins and making some good progress up from 26th was favourable! But that was all about to change as he found himself amongst some of their championship rivals, trading positions. Stewart was pushing the kart to stay ahead but came unstuck at the second hairpin and spun the kart; the pick up wasn’t that fast and the team found themselves dead last. As the track started to dry, Stewart heard over the race radio that a few of the top karts found a second or two per lap so he pushed to find some more time, but it wasn’t to be and after pushing a little too hard he’d hit track limits, twice! Which you will probably know, results in a black flag! So all in all it was a poor couple of stints for Stewart. All he could do was had over to Craig and hope that the rest of their championship rivals had a poor second half of the race.

After Stewart spinning the kart and getting a black flag the pressure was on for Craig to have a clean stint and try to gain back a few positions. Rye House in the rain has not been good to Craig over the years, and he was straight out into the thick of it chasing 4th position.

Back out on his second stint, slowly a dry line was forming but the track was still difficult as it had not completely dried out yet so any wrong move could result in a spin. He was still chasing 4th position and was right on his tail.

Craig said: “This time I was a lot closer and batting hard. I managed to get past and pulled away but I cut in too early at hairpin 1 and spun the kart.  I was quickly picked up and returned to the race but lost the place I had battled hard to gain.”

The track was drying out a bit more just in time for Mark’s stint, and he was last out on the greasy track. By the last stint, the lap times throughout the grid had started to drop indicating a drying track. Mark exploited that as best he could, and was able to gain a couple of places bringing the team in at 5th place. After a team was disqualified for being underweight the team were promoted to 4th place. G3 Pro Inters currently stand in 2nd place in class.

G3 Pro Premier – 5th

The G3 Pro Premier team arrived at Rye House in Hertfordshire looking to boost themselves up the Premier Class Championship, following a disappointing result in the previous round at Whilton Mill.

The track was wet for practice and the team of George Turner, Alex Burgess and Fernando Moreira set about finding their lines in the tricky conditions. Qualifying did not go to plan – no clear laps on track meant they found themselves lining up in 20th overall on the grid for the race start.

Fernando usually starts for the team but the team decided the conditions favoured George so he took the start. The opening lap saw many incidents on track – the tricky wet conditions and a tight circuit at Rye House meant there was plenty of contact. George tiptoed through and emerged at the end of lap 1 in 24th position, not great but at least the team were still in the race. George then set about picking up the positions and moving the team further up the order during his stint. At one third distance and the rain gone, the track began to dry and it was at this time the team put out Fernando who took very well to the changing conditions, putting in several fastest laps of the race as the dry line became more and more evident. Finally Alex rounded off the race, showing good speed on the dry track towards the end of the race. The team eventually came home in 6th overall and 5th in class a great performance and notably with no on track incidents or penalties to speak of.

“We knew if we had a clean race we would be able to climb up the order from our disappointing grid position.” remarked George. “That is exactly what we have managed to accomplish and we are very pleased. We had the right drivers out at the right times and it goes to show how strong we are as a team and how well we know each other’s abilities.”

The team will be out again at Shenington on the 26th May, a track none of the drivers have ever driven at before.

 Team G3 Clubman– DNF

Team G3Pro returned to their home circuit for Round 3 of the Club100 championship at Rye House raceway, Hertfordshire.

The duo from Team G3Pro were hoping for their luck to change after a disappointing Round 2 at Whilton Mill where the team suffered a race-long engine issue and finished towards the back.

Greeted by a wet track, the team went out in practice looking to get on the pace quickly. Matt and Barry felt at home immediately and started putting in some quick laps; as qualifying session started, Matt put in a string of quick laps and were toward the sharp end of the time sheets. However, on the last lap Matt backed off and didn’t complete the lap and unfortunately went from 5th down to 13th.

Matt said: “It wasn’t ideal starting mid pack, I knew that we had our work cut out! The race start was crazy as ever, I just tried to keep it on the circuit and ride out the hits I was receiving. I managed to hold position before pitting on lap 2 for an early stop, everything was going well and we were up to 8th place 2nd in class, unfortunately I received a black flag stop-go penalty for exceeding track limits (the jury is still out on that one).”

Next out on track was Barry who found himself toward the back of the pack after the black flag. He said: “We were in 24th place by the time I got out on track and I knew it was going to be difficult to move forward. The teams in front are all very experienced and would be on the pace, I just put my head down and gave it everything I had.”

Over the 133-lap race, the Team G3Pro drivers battled back and crossed the line in 3rd place class, unfortunately the celebrations were short-lived with the team coming in underweight resulting in a DQ from the race.

  • Matt said: “A well-deserved victory for our friends at Race Craft – another strong result for the trio. We had another entertaining race and whilst I wasn’t pleased with the black flag as I felt it wasn’t justified, I’m happy on how we responded fighting back to a podium position. I was gutted with being disqualified, a silly mistake from us and we are too experienced to let thing’s like that happen. Still we will get over it and move on to the next challenge.”



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