Mechanical woes for Team G3Pro

Round 7 of the Club 100 Go-Karting championship took Team G3Pro back to Llandow Raceway in South Wales.

Team G3Pro was joined by Koks Racing’s George Turner as Matt’s new team mate for the day while Barry Luetchford was off getting married – congratulations to the happy couple!

Race day started with the normal 30-minute practice followed by a five-minute qualifying session. It was during practice that Matt noticed an underlying performance issue and decided to bring the kart in for a once over by the Club 100 mechanics, a move which was justified as the crew found an issue with the engine so the kart was parked up for the day. The team were fitted out with a new kart and entered straight into qualifying. As the laps ticked down Matt was only able to put together one decent lap which found them qualifying in 13th place.

A hectic race start saw Matt survive the opening lap after dropping a couple of places through avoiding accidents. As opening stint rolled on, Matt again felt that the kart was under powered and struggling to keep onto the back of the leading pack. After the first round of pit stops, George indicated that the kart had started to lack pace and was forced to bring it in to the garage. In another unfortunate twist of bad luck, their kart was displaying mechanical faults and again it was decided by the mechanics that the engine was broken so the team received their third kart of the day. It meant that by this point the team were out of the race but pushed on to continue as there were still points on offer.  

“Those bad luck gremlins struck again,” said Matt. “Two races in a row we have finished poorly due to mechanical issues so I’m hopeful this doesn’t continue as our championship lead is reducing round by round.”

Round 8 will see the return of the normal G3Pro/Farecla line-up now that the Luetchford brothers three are over the wedding!

The highlights (and lowlights) of Llandow can be found in the video here.

A special thanks to George Turner for racing with Matt, and to Ken Pudney for the excellent photography.

We really appreciate all of your support so don’t forget to visit the G3Pro Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

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