Maiden victory for Team G3Pro Farécla

Teams G3Pro and Farécla travelled to the circuit of Llandow in south Wales with victory in mind once again for round seven of the national Club100 championship.

Team G3Pro Farécla (Rookie Class)

As ever the afternoon race was eventful, with Team Farécla looking to improve upon their steady form and push for a second podium of the season.

During practice, Craig and Stewart felt at home immediately and started putting in some quick laps. As the qualifying session started, Stewart found himself in traffic and was unable to put in a clear and clean lap, thus ending the session down in 19th overall and sixth in class.

Stewart commented: “Yet again the competition proved to be more efficient during the qualifying window; I had pace but only had five laps to show it – unfortunately I kept catching up with drivers who wanted to race rather than put in a quick lap.”

Undeterred, the team had a strong start of the race, picking up a few spaces on the opening lap whilst avoiding all the normal carnage. Stewart, who was double stinting this time, had an impressive overtake count by the time he came into pit stop window 3, making up nine places to go from P19 to P10.

With driver Craig now behind the wheel, the team set about reeling in the leaders whilst settling into a nature rhythm. As the laps ticked over, Craig managed to roll up onto the bumper of the third place.

With just a few laps to go before handing over Stewart, Craig decided that caution was in their best interest and pitted a couple of laps early – a move which paid off nicely and Stewart, now fully in the mode, managed to get the jump on second place.

With only a few laps remaining, Stewart put the hammer down and caught up to the race leaders who were exiting the pit lane; with the pressure on and championship leaders breathing down his neck, he managed to stretch the gap by overtaking back markers quickly. He eventually crossed the line and took the waved chequered flag to bring home Team Farécla’s maiden victory.

Stewart said: “Well its taken us 16 races for our first win for G3Pro Farécla, an amazing race! And what an end. I lost count of how many overtakes I made on the final stint of the race. I really enjoyed it and this victory is overdue!”

Craig said: “Finally I’m a race winner! It’s taken a while and we’ve come close many times before but today was the day! I’m already looking forward to repeating our success at the next race – bring it on.”

As ever we have an entertaining highlights video from G3Pro Farecla:-

Team G3Pro (Clubman Class)

Race day started in the morning with Team G3Pro and the normal 40-minute practice followed by a 10-minute qualifying session.

During qualifying, Barry pushed the kart to its maximum, but it was only good enough to place the team in 18th overall and fifth in class. This showed the true pace of the kart, a sign of things to come.

The race start was a little hairy but clean and Barry was able to hold onto their qualifying position over the opening five laps. After everything had settled down, he continued to move up the order until the first round of pit stops.

As the race unfolded, Team G3Pro set about moving up towards the front of the field, whilst struggling with the kart’s performance and most noticeably struggling with the breaks.

By lap 120 the team were up into third place and closing in on second but as normal, bad luck wasn’t too far away. On lap 125, with only 27 laps to go, the front right wheel sheered off and ended the team’s race for the fourth mechanical issue this season. As in round six, Barry was once again pushed back to pit lane, dropping eight laps and in the process putting the team into dead last.

Barry said: “Its another tough day in the office. Four out of the seven races we had this season have ended poorly due to mechanical issues whilst we’ve been in a podium position; I think our championship hunt has finally become out of reach. We will fight on and see if we can salvage anything from this season – our target now has to be third place in the championship, as much as it pains me to say.”

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