High-performance gloss maintenance with new G3 Pro Bodyshop Detailer

Keeping your car’s showroom shine is now a breeze with the new and improved Bodyshop Detailer from Farécla’s G3 Professional.

G3 Bodyshop Detailer is an everyday, easy-to-use spray cleanser that removes light dirt and dust between washes and adds gloss to your car’s paintwork. Its mild, high-performance formulation removes grime and helps prevent the build-up of contaminants, leaving a just-waxed, high shine finish without stripping previously applied polishes and waxes.

G3 Bodyshop Detailer is also highly effective on other exterior surfaces including rubber, plastic and chrome.

Rob Wilkinson from Farécla’s Technical Team said “We spent considerable time in our laboratory over the winter to carefully incorporate additional technologies from our professional bodyshop products. We’ve been able to create a mild cleanser that is just as fast acting as our previous detailer product, but now gives noticeable improvements in gloss enhancement and ease of application. It is easy to apply and buff off, and gives instant, professional results.”

G3 Bodyshop Detailer works well as a lubricant with the entire G3 Professional range and is particularly effective with G3’s new Body Prep Clay Mitt. G3 Bodyshop Detailer allows the G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt to move smoothly over bodywork, removing ingrained dirt and contaminants to leave your paintwork in prime preparation for further paint renovation.

G3 Bodyshop Detailer retails at £8.99 and, with the entire range of Farécla’s G3 products, is available from Halfords stores.

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