G3 Pro R34 – British Drift Championship Round 4

Three Sisters Circuit, a tight track also used for karting in Wigan, played host to Round 4 of the The British Drift Championship with an all-new layout for the competition. As the penultimate round in the BDC, the stakes were high and we were looking to get some big points on the board for the G3 Pro R34.

If the pressure of the current standings wasn’t enough, our driver, Alexis Drew’s partner, Lisa Branch was making her debut in the BDC, moving up from Drift Cup for even more rivalry.

Following the usual format of two solo runs, with the best score taken for qualifying, before heading into the Top 32 Battles, the 550bhp 2JZ powered R34 headed out with not only the aim of beating the score of 66 from Lisa but to qualify in a strong position for the battles.

With the tight circuit making for little room for error with transitions, a score of 77.7 placed Drew and the G3 Pro R34 in 10th place.

For the second run the R34 took off from the line well but half way through a slipping clutch made itself known, as the car bobbed up and down struggling to get the power through to spin the rear tyres up and continue the drift. Scoring 69.3 for the run, the first run score of 77.7 placed Drew in 19th position for the Top 32 Battles…

Facing Gareth Rogers in his 500bhp R33 Skyline, Drew was in the chase position for the first of the Top 32 Battle runs. Rogers dived off the line but two turns in dropped is wheels off the circuit giving Alexis a chance to close up the gap. On the same turn that hindered Drew’s second qualifying run the slipping clutch lost the momentum needed to carry the drift, with the R34 straightening up, taking the car off the line through the last section of the course.

Taking the lead position for the next run Drew put in a good run, managing to fend of an eager Rogers jumping alongside in the second turn, to put some distance between them. Unfortunately for Drew the straightening in the first run counted against him and the win went to Rogers.

Alexis Drew holds 8th place in the standings at the close of Round 4.

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See the G3 Pro R34 in Action

Run 1 – https://youtu.be/35hMjzjxCvo?t=4827

Run 2 – https://youtu.be/35hMjzjxCvo?t=8782

Top 32 Battle – https://youtu.be/RAKFZeB57rI?t=1914

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