G3 Pro R34 – British Drift Championship Round 2

Teesside Autodrome played host to Round 2 of the 2018 British Drift Championship, with the G3 Pro R34 Skyline being trailered from Hertfordshire up to Middlesborough. With a 2.1km sprint circuit, it’s where the British Drift Championship first started 10 years ago.

From the opening seconds of the first run at quickly became clear that the 2JZ powered R34 was encountering technical difficulties with the ECU going into limp mode. Not ideal when you’re trying to light up the rear tyres with 500BHP to go sideways. Driver, Alexis Drew, nursed the car over the line with zero points for Run 1.

Luckily the team were able to tweak the ECU allowing it to work much better for the 2nd qualifying run, achieving a score of 78 points, 11th position and a spot in top 32 battles.

Alexis Drew was to face Lewis Mitchell in his Nissan S14 200SX. Holding the run together for the lead, when it came to being the chase car, the R34 proved too temperamental and the ECU stayed in limp mode until the last few seconds of the battle where it decided to finally unleash all 500 horses at at once but it was too little too late.

The G3 Pro R34 Skyline is now back down south and being tended to by a team of trusted mechanics to ready the car for Round 3 on July 14th, even further North this time, at Driftland in Fife.

See the G3 Pro R34 in Action

Run 1https://youtu.be/nivlDyrpTEg?t=1h6m51s

Run 2https://youtu.be/nivlDyrpTEg?t=2h7m10s



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