G3 Pro R34 – British Drift Championship Grand Finale

The final round of the 2018 British Drift Championships took place at Rockingham Motor Speedway in The Grand Finale with The British Drift Championship and Irish Drift Championship going head to head and some special appearances from drivers from around the world. Marking the end of an era, with the shutters coming down on the Northants based venue at the end of the year, but also the start of a new one with new ownership and new plans for the BDC in 2019.

Jumping straight into the action with the G3 Pro R34, Run 1 from Alexis Drew scored a 69.7, placing him 6th. By the time Run 2 came up the scores had been squeezed and the drivers bumped around… Drew dug deeper and scored a 72.7 to safely see him through to the Top 32…

Top 32

Moving up from Drift Cup and making his BDC debut, driver Dave Bastin, in his 350bhp SR20 powered Toyota Corolla lead Drew in his considerably larger and more powerful G3 Pro R34. Bastin applied the pressure taking solid lines through the course until an error on the last turn causing him to straighten and allow Drew to overtake.

With Drew in the lead position for the second run the G3 Pro R34 was not only able to maintain the line but put distance between the two cars claiming a unanimous win.

See the Top 32 Battlehttps://youtu.be/FZV9_DdYlVI?t=950

Top 16

Lining up against Drew, Alistair Sutton in his 200bhp BMW E36 328 delivered a smooth lead run, challenging the more peaky power delivery of the 550bhp G3 Pro R34 to mirror the fluidity shown by Sutton. The R34 tucked upagainst the E36’s door but lost momentum.

With the R34 to lead, unrestricted by the slower car, Drew found his form again keeping to the line only to drop his wheels off the circuit on the penultimate turn. This late error cost the advantage gained knocking Drew out before the Great Eight Battles.

See the Top 16 Battlehttps://youtu.be/FZV9_DdYlVI?t=4705

And with this being not only the end of Rockingham as we know it, but the end of the 2018 BDC calendar which concludes with Alexis Drew and the G3 Pro R34 placed in 10th overall for the season.

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