Frosty result for Team G3Pro

Round four of the Club 100 Go-Karting Championship took both G3Pro teams back to Whilton Mill in Northampton.

Team G3Pro’s day started with the normal 40-minute practice followed by a 10-minute qualifying session.

It was during practice that driver Barry noticed a problem with the brakes and decided to bring the kart in for a once-over by the Club 100 mechanics, a move which was justified as the crew found an issue and the team were issue a replacement just in time for qualification.

Barry again took up the responsibilities for a crack at pole and was only able to manage P19 from a 34-team grid, and a cool 1.1 seconds off the quickest time.

A hectic race start saw Barry survive the opening lap after dropping a couple of places through avoiding accidents. As the opening stint rolled on, Barry again felt that the replacement kart was underpowered and struggling to keep onto the back of the leading pack so decided to pit in early.

After the first round of pit stops, Matt also indicated to the pit wall that the kart had started to lack pace and was he was eventually forced to bring it in to the garage. In another unfortunate twist of bad luck, their kart was displaying a mechanical fault and again the mechanics spotted a fault (the air intake was broken) so the team received their third kart of the day.

By this point the team were out of the race but pushed on to continue as there were still points on offer.  After a few bouts of snow, the team eventfully came home in 24th place

“Those mechanical gremlins struck again,” said Matt. “We’ve had two races this season where we have finished poorly due to mechanical issues so I’m hopeful this doesn’t continue as our push for the title is reducing round by round.”


Meanwhile over at Team Farécla, drivers Stewart and Craig were hoping to build a strong to the season with a good result at the Northampton- based circuit.

During qualifying, Stewart quickly got into the groove and managed to pull of the team’s best starting position of the season by setting the 9th quickest time.

As ever, the start of the race was frenetic. Stewart said: “I had a fairly daunting task and needed to make up places quickly; on the opening two laps I gained and lost four positions which was frustrating. I soon got into a rhythm, however, and started picking up places and soon enough I was in for our first fuel and driver change over.”

During the race the team made their way up to 2nd in class and were having a decent run but once again got caught up in the aftermath of an incident.

Team Farécla eventually crossed the line in 7th in class and took home decent point haul.

Stewart commented: “Well that was more like it – almost! We had the pace and we had the kart but again we didn’t have the luck; it was still a most enjoyable race. Our luck will change soon and we both look forward to the next round at Spa in Belgium were we get to team up with a sister team G3Pro.”

Watch some of the key exciting moments from the race below!

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