Free 3″ Pads with ACDelco Mini Polisher Offer

For a limited time only, get a free pack of 5 G Mop 3″ Yellow Compounding Foams and G Mop 3″ Black Finishing Foam applicators with each purchase of the ACDelco 3″/75mm Battery Operated Mini Polisher*.


* Minimum order of 6 Machines

Please contact your local distributor or call 01920 465041 for further details.

This Promotion is Valid from 09/05/2018 til 29/06/2018 while promotional stock lasts.

Club 100 | 17.08.2018

Teams G3Pro 2018: Round 8 Preview – Lydd Raceway

Round 8 Race Preview – Lydd Raceway Lydd Raceway Park – Round 8 Preview You can follow the race live on the following site from the start times below:- Live Timings

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Tips | 15.08.2018

How do I store my G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt in-between uses?

After use, the G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt needs to be allowed to dry out naturally – for this, you can hang it up on a hook using the tag/loop on…

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