Four in a row pit stop woes

Team G3 went into Round 6 at Glan y Gors Park circuit in north Wales looking for their fourth podium in a row. The day got off to a good start with perfect weather conditions for racing at a new circuit; Matt, Stewart and Barry were confident in their strategy for the day that had already seen the team secure four podiums finishes from five races this season.

After morning practice, G3 knew the pace wasn’t quite there, something which was reflected in qualifying when the team only managed 19th on the grid with an underperforming engine. This grid position was all the team needed as conformation to switch out the kart for a new one which ultimately meant the team starting the race in last place (28th) on the grid – quite a difference to the previous round were the team started in pole.

As ever the start of the race was frenetic. Team member Matt said: “I had a fairly daunting task and needed to make up places quickly, on the opening two laps I gained and lost four positions which was frustrating. I soon got into a rhythm and started picking up places and soon enough I was in for our first fuel and driver change over.”  The team finally started gaining and advantage after the initial problems earlier in the day and found themselves 10th at the halfway point.

Things were looking great until the fourth pit stop window. A flooded engine after fuelling kept the kart from firing up, and although it eventually did, it was a very costly delay to the team almost 30 seconds which is around three-quarters of a lap.  Now the drivers from G3 really had their work cut out with 40 minutes remaining.

In 17th place and going out all guns blazing, the drivers put the pedal to the metal and started again coming through the field. With seven laps to go, the team started to battle it out for 3rd position and then with that secured, they started the chase for 2nd but unfortunately like Buckmore Park the team ran out of time finishing five seconds behind.

Team G3 finally finished the race 3rd in class, an outstanding achievement given how the race unfolded.

Another race with its highs and lows, again very entertaining, sit back and enjoy the race highlights video from GYG from a drivers eye view  >>>> GoPRO footage <<<<

Next up Round 7 Forest Edge Hampshire.

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