Farécla Profile Product Transition

At Farécla we’re constantly testing and refining our products. Whilst we try and remain as consistent as possible with our labelling, at times we do need to revisit our product ranges to ensure that we’re offering the best product performance possible which can result in reformulations and new product ranges.

If you’ve finished a Farécla Profile product only to find that the product is no longer available and has been discontinued, here is our quick guide to recommend the most suitable replacement product.

Outgoing Product Current Range Notes
Profile 100 Profile Extra Coarse
Cut Paste Compound
  • Removes up to P600
Profile 200 Profile Select
Liquid Compound
PRS101 (1 ltr)
PRS106 (1 US gallon)
PRS506 (5 US gallons)
  • Run at high speed (2000 to 3500rpm)
  • Removes up to P800
  • Excellent gloss
Profile 200XL
P2X101 (1 ltr)
P2X206 (2.5 ltr)
P2X501 (5 ltr)
PRV Profile Vector
Liquid Compound
PRV101 (1 ltr)
  • Permanent results – no fillers
  • Removes up to P1500
  • Advanced lubrication
  • Rapid high gloss finish on paint and wood lacquers
Profile 300
PRO300-1400 (1 ltr)
PRO300-3200 (3.2kg)
20103-5000 (5 ltr)
PRL Profile Premium
Liquid Compound
PRL101 (1 ltr)
PRL106 (1 US gallon)
  • Removes up to P800
  • Permanent results with no fillers
  • Fast results using less product than leading competitor
  • Outstanding gloss
Profile 500
PRO500-1100 (1 ltr)
20501-5000 (5 ltr)

Profile 700
PR7101 (1 ltr)

PRF Profile Finish
Liquid Compound
PRF101 (1 ltr)
PRF106 (1 US gallon)
  • Ultra fine finishing compound for the ultimate gloss
  • Ideal for removing swirl marks, holograms and haze
  • Suitable for all surfaces including lacquered wood
Profile Polymer Wax
PPW106 (1 ltr)
PPW301 (1 US gallon)

Profile UV Wax
PROUVW-1000 (1 ltr)
20105-5000 (5 ltr)

PRW Profile Polymer Wax
PRW101 (1 ltr)
PRW106 (1 US gallon)

PRU Profile UV Wax
PRU101 (1 ltr)

PRD Profile Rapid Detailer
PRD106 (1 US gallon)

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Resists drying out and can be applied in most conditions

Profile Product Transition Guide (PDF)

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