Farécla OPS 2 Millionth Cup Winner – Sprayline Ltd

Sprayline - Recipients of the 2 millionth OPS cupFarécla started 2019 with a milestone achievement having shipped its 44,445th carton of Optimised Paint System (OPS) cups, containing the 2 millionth cup.

The 44,445th carton was bought by Brown Brothers (Bristol) and has since been sold to Sprayline in Shepton Mallet who was visited on Thursday by Marc Powell, Market Development Manager for Farécla, to personally deliver a bundle of ‘made by boost‘ consumables; the newest additions to Farécla’s product portfolio including premium nylon coveralls, nitrile gloves, microfibre cloths and mixing cups.

Beyond significant cost savings, the innovative design of Farécla OPS “has several advantages over many other systems,” said Marc. “Being only 2 pieces makes it very simple to use and easy to refill, and the screwfit of lid to cup and lid to gun makes it very robust,” he added.

“There is no hard outer cup so the system is very clean. The Cup is designed to collapse with a slight twisting action when spraying as the paint is used up. This increases visibility of the job and reduces waste disposal costs. Storing any leftover paint is also convenient. Simply write the details and date on the bottom of the collapsed and stoppered cup and store upside down so the filter doesn’t dry out.”

When asked what Sprayline like about the OPS system, manager Clive Willmott said:

“Pretty much everything. The OPS cups are cleaner, quicker, easier to use AND more cost-effective. So it’s no wonder we like them!”

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