Crash, bang, wallop at Clay!

Teams G3Pro and Farécla travelled to the Dorset track with only victory in mind for round 6 of the national championship.

Race day started with the normal 40-minute practice followed by a 10-minute qualifying session.

During qualifying, Matt did enough to place the team in a season’s best 13th overall and third in class.

The race start was a little hairy but clean and Matt was able to hold onto their qualifying position over the opening two laps. After everything had settled down, Matt went about picking off the competition one team at a time before handing over to Barry for the first round of pit stops.

As the race unfolded, Team G3Pro set about moving to the front of the field with both drivers setting a blistering pace to finally moved into a podium position and third place on lap 119; as the race progressed the team started to reel in the second place team when on lap 181 and only five laps from the end the engine decided to blow up. Totally devastated, Barry was pushed back to pit lane dropping eight laps during the process and putting the team into dead last.

Driver Matt said: “Those bad luck gremlins struck again. Three out of the six races this season have ended poorly due to mechanical issues whilst we’ve been in a podium position; I’m hopeful this doesn’t continue as our bid for the championship is already becoming a tall order.”

Meanwhile in the afternoon race Team Farécla G3Pro had a solid day in the office qualifying in seventh place.


An amazing start and opening stint from Stewart saw the team move from 13th in class to eight overall overtaking a number of teams along in the opening stint and showing once again the true potential of team without all the dramas both have suffered thus far this year.

As the race unfolded the team made their way up to third in class and were having a decent run at it but once again the G3Pro got caught up in the aftermath of an incident after a driver Stewart was battling lost the rear end kart going into a superfast the chicane collecting the tyre wall and sending it straight into the path of Stewart. Although doing his best not crash, the impact sent him spinning off the circuit and losing valuable time restarting and more importantly put them to the back of the grid.

As ever we have an entertaining highlights video from G3Pro Farecla:-

Team Farécla mounted a valiant come back and eventually crossed the line eighth in class. Craig commented: “Well that was more like it – almost! We had the pace and we had the kart but again we didn’t have the luck; it was still a most enjoyable race. Our luck will change soon I’m sure and we both look forward to returning to Llandow for round six.”

With five races down and five to go for G3Pro Farecla currently lay sixth in the championship; a strong race in Wales will move the team up the leaderboard and back in contention for a top three in the championship.

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