Coming Home to Rye House: A Preview from Team G3

Team G3 share their thoughts on their next race:

We’ve all raced at Rye House many times over the years and it’s great to be home on a track we know well. We’ve had some memorable races in the past, especially for Stewart who made an unscheduled flip of a kart during one particular lap – thankfully he walked away from that crash just a little sore and we still managed to finish fourth in that race. As a team, we have had our best results and experiences there with numerous wins/podiums.

Simply put, racing at Rye House always provides some great action.

It looks like it’s going to be another wet race on Saturday, so once again Mother Nature is not being kind. However, we learnt a few lessons from round two and we now know what grip levels to expect from the Birel N3 2013. With the experience we take to Rye House plus the testing we are doing tonight, we’re confident that whatever the elements throw at us tomorrow, we’ve got some big advantages.

Rye House circuit favours the lighter drivers – and thankfully we’re all in the prime of our fitness – due to two very tight hairpins, the second of which precedes the back straight. A quick lap time lies in a good exit from these hairpins and the last corner before to the main straight. The highlight of the circuit is the first corner which really sorts the men from the boys; the first hairpin is the scene of many a ‘first lap incident’ which we will try to avoid – we really need to take care when approaching and turning into this corner in case the ‘do or die’ drivers attempt late braking & overtaking manoeuvres!

A top three finish in class is once again on our to-do list and improving on round one’s result if possible. Don’t forget to get behind us by ‘liking’ on Facebook, following us on Twitter and of course you can always try and make it down on the day armed with sun lotion and an umbrella…

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