Team G3 finish 4th at Bayford Meadows

Round 2 of the Club 100 Endurance Championship kicked off last weekend and with a dry start to the day Team G3 qualified in 7th position. However, it didn’t stay like that for long and they found themselves batting the hairpin turns at Bayford Meadows in heavy rain. After 136 laps and a total race distance of 90 miles they finished 4th in class, a huge advance on the last result where they came 10th.

Check out the video from their on-board helmet cams here!

Team G3’s Matt Hale comments on the event: “The weather was a real challenge for us this time, seriously reducing our grip on the track and limiting visibility. But we found our feet and got up to race pace. We had some great battles – especially with Team DBG – swapping paintwork with a few drivers but generally it was clean racing all the way. We’re really happy with the improvements we made as a team but we need to work on our pit stop times if we’re going to move forward in our next race.”

Team G3 are now 5th in the championship and their next race is on 27th April at Rye House.

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