Tips | 22.01.2019

What’s the difference between G3 Professional Scratch Remover Liquid and Paste?

G3 Professional Scratch Remover is available in two formats - liquid and paste. G3 Professional Scratch Remover Paste has been developed to restore smaller areas. The paste won't run on…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 18.12.2018

Five Car Washing Tips

Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight Your bodywork can get hot in the sun. Hot panels mean cleaning products and water drying out leading to watermarks which are difficult…

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Farécla Friday | 30.11.2018

What does Farécla mean?

Farécla was chosen as a combination of French words meaning ‘shining’ and ‘bright’. When our founder, Rod Hawkins, worked with Georges Fevrier, a French industrial chemist to develop, manufacture and…

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Tips | 20.11.2018

How To Clean And Maintain Applicator Pads

Regardless of the types of applicator pads you use, keeping your pads clean is imperative to ensure they are working as effectively as possible, without inflicting damage on the surface from…

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Tips | 20.10.2018

What’s the difference between the G3 Premium System and the G3 Extra System?

Farécla's G3 Premium System is designed to be used on Ultra High Solids and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats and should be applied with foam pads, whilst the G3 Extra System works…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 17.10.2018

How do I repair a minor scratch myself?

Firstly, test whether your scratch is classed as minor and can be fully removed at home – see Can my scratch be repaired with G3 Pro? If it is minor,…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 03.10.2018

What Should I Use to Lubricate the G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt?

We recommend using G3 Pro Rapid Detailer as a lubricant for the G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt as its gentle formulation will not degrade the clay pad. Alternatively a concentrate shampoo and water…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 29.08.2018

How do I remove tar spots from my G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt?

As you work over your car’s surface, the mitt effectively removes small tar spots from the paint and these can sometimes stick to the clay pad. If you are having…

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Tips | 21.08.2018

How can I remove scratches from motorhome windows?

Acrylic windows on motorhomes and caravans are susceptible to scratches from overhanging trees and bushes. The ideal product to restore clarity to your acrylic windows is our Profile Advanced Liquid…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 15.08.2018

How do I store my G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt in-between uses?

After use, the G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt needs to be allowed to dry out naturally – for this, you can hang it up on a hook using the tag/loop on…

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