Case Study: A Cornish Yawl & Farécla Profile

Steve, a Cornish Yawl owner, recently got in touch with us to share his experience of using Farécla Profile as part of his annual boat hull maintenance. Here’s what he had to say:

My experience of Farécla compounds and polishes came at a product demonstration organised by the Shrimper Owners’ Association in conjunction with Farécla, at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Sandbanks, in 2009. Like many other members present, I bought the complete system, and first used it in early 2010. By the time the boat comes out for annual Winter maintenance, the cutting and protection treatment needs to be re-applied.

After following the instructions on the container, Profile Premium achieved a depth of finish that previously required first 100 paste and secondly 200 compound. To summarise, the Profile Premium compound was an undoubted improvement on the earlier 200 compound, and as a bonus it saved me a morning’s work!

Before and After Polishing with Farécla Profile
Before and After Polishing with Farécla Profile

The next stage in the process, applying Farécla Profile Finish, took the depth of finish to new level – more so, it seemed to me, than the earlier 300 compound, and by now the appearance of the gel coat was quite stunning! Once two coats of Farécla Profile UV Wax and a final coat of Farécla Profile Polymer Wax had been added, the job was complete, and in couple of days the parts of the hull faded by sunlight and scuffed by fenders looked like they had when the boat first came out of the mould in 1989. 

I can say without hesitation that the initial, pre-season results are outstanding.

View our full Marine Surface Finishing Range or the Farécla Profile Marine Brochure.

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