The Biggest Piece of Rock Memorabilia? Pink Floyd Yacht

When it comes to rock and roll memorabilia, you might think of ticket stubs, signed photos or perhaps a guitar.

You probably wouldn’t think as big as a 65′ yacht currently available through Berthon. Evrika is a Nautor Swan 65 previously owned by the late Pink Floyd founding member, Rick Wright, who owned the boat for 25 years prior to its current owner.

Rick bought the yacht in 1984, soon after the 1983 release of Pink Floyd’s twelfth studio album – the only album not to feature Wright.

By 1985, and we’d like to imagine fuelled by the exploration of Greek islands whilst living on board Evrika, Wright was working once again with Pink Floyd as a session musician rather than a full-time member. By 1994 Rick was once again a full member of the band, with Evrika having cruised throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

If you’re in the market for what might possibly be the largest piece of Pink Floyd memorabilia, or you simply fancy a 1982 Nautor Swan 65 with some interesting history, Berton are asking £450,000 (VAT paid) Berthon.

Industry Tips | 20.02.2018

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