Back to back podiums for Team G3

Returning to the track that has always provided some form of drama, be it good or bad, Team G3 headed to Buckmore Park in Kent for Round 5 of the Club 100 Endurance Championship.

The team had a great start to the day by qualifying in pole position (1st overall 1st in class), a first for the team which was all due to an excellent lap set by driver Barry Luetchford. The hard work wasn’t over for Barry as he had to start the race with a clear track in front him on unfamiliar ground. Barry took it in his stride and put in a excellent first stint and managed to maintain the lead all the way until the first pit stop. From then on in, the team were on the back foot with a difficult first pit stop which saw the lead wiped out instantly with a 20 second delay. The team’s bad luck continued after getting caught out by another driver crashing which dropped them further down order. Undeterred, the guys put their heads down and started making up the lost places.

Midway through the race the team were again flying and trying to recover from the issues that haunted them in the first half of the race and quickly found themselves back in contention. The remainder of the race required heroic drives for the remaining three stints and saw the team climb valiantly back up the order overtaking everything in their path, with 10 laps to go the team were closing on their championship rivals and were pipped at the line to finishing 3rd in class and earn a podium finish for the team.

Driver Matt Hale commented: “Another hard race with its highs and lows; we know where the race was lost today and as ever winning isn’t easy. We are undetered and will be fighting hard for the win in Round 6.”

Highlights of Round 5 will be released shortly with the next preview post; in the mean time sit back and enjoy our race highlight video from Round 4 >>>> GoPro Footage<<<<

Next up the team travels to North Wales for Round 6 at Glan Gors Park. With the trio just heading the table, another top three finish is essential.

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