Apprentice & Student Bonnet Painting Competition 2019 – Design Brief Revealed


Entry to the Farécla Bonnet Painting Competition 2019 is now OPEN!

Click here to download the Entry Form, Design Brief and Competition Rules


DESIGN BRIEF RULE NO.1 – The Competition Colour Pallette

Your bonnet design must only use the Farécla colour palette of Yellow (RAL1018, Pantone 116C) Black, White and Grey(s)/Silver(s).

TIP: A 500g or 1kg Farécla Compound Bottle can be used as a colour reference for the Yellow

Other than the colour pallette and one other stipulation (Rule No.2) the design of the bonnet is entirely the entrant’s choice and entrants should find plenty of room to be creative – it can be abstract, geometric, realistic or stylized as long as the design keeps to the colour palette.

For a basic example you could take something such as a union jack and replace the blue with black and the red with yellow, keeping the white as white.

DESIGN BRIEF RULE NO.2 – Your Design Must Feature a Farécla Logo

A Farécla (single colour or coloured accent) logo must be painted somewhere on the bonnet in keeping with the competition colour scheme (Rule No.1).

The logo can be as a sign-off, headline or even incorporated somewhere within the design itself!

This year we have opted for the text only logo to give entrants more freedom with the placement and design.

Click Here to download a Zip File with Example Farécla Logos (Single Colour & Coloured Accent)


DESIGN BRIEF RULE NO.3 – The Size of Your Bonnet

Lastly – the bonnet must also be no wider than 1.6m and no longer than 1.6m.

The 2019 design brief allows entrants a lot of freedom but also requires some creative thinking with the limited colours which should offer a fair challenge and test their skills.

If you are interested in sponsoring an entrant or entering the contest then be sure to download the Entry Form


Click Here to Download the Farecla BPC 2019 Design Brief & Dates and Entry Form & Terms from our Website

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