A bout of bad luck at Buckmore

Round 7 of the Club 100 Go-Karting championships took Team G3 back to Buckmore Park. It was the first round of the championship that saw the teams return to a track they had previously raced on, so it promised to be the most competitive day of racing yet!

Barry, Stewart and Matt put in a strong performance in qualifying, and earned themselves a solid starting position of 6th on the grid. The boys have their tactics finely tuned and were confident that 6th place was the perfect position to move in to a podium finishing position from.

Their tactics paid off. Team G3 rose to a fantastic second position in their class, and their confidence was running high. Reflecting on their performance, team member Matt said, “We were up there with the fastest laps, overtaking, climbing the positions. Tactically we were so tight.”

However, their excitement was short lived. In another unfortunate twist of bad luck, their kart was displaying mechanical faults. “Those bad luck gremlins struck again” said Matt. The race turned into a tale of two races, “with 80 laps, and an hour of racing to go we lost about 30% of our speed; we were sitting ducks for overtaking on the straight.”

A bit of bad luck hasn’t stopped Team G3 before though, and they were determined it wouldn’t during this race. The boys made a tactical decision to continue racing at a consistent speed, even if it wasn’t as fast as it could be. This proved to be a great move and despite losing almost 3 seconds a lap, they drove defensively, and maintained their place in 6th position.

“It was gutting,” said Matt, “but we had to consider the championship as a whole, and this was the best move. I’m proud of Stewart and Barry for maintaining our position. All things considered we’re happy with how it went.”

The optimism of the team is infectious, and we know they can get that elusive podium finish! They’re still 5th in the championship overall, and are in a great position to move up the rankings. “We’re ever confident in our ability, and we’ve had enough bad luck to last us 5 years!” says Matt.

The championship so far has certainly been exciting and completely gripping. We can’t wait until Team G3 get their hands on one of those trophies! Who knows, it could happen at the next round at Clay Pigeon in Dorset on the 8th of September.

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