Wipes and Ancillaries

Farécla Finishing Cloths

Finishing Cloths

Finishing cloths engineered with microfibre technology.

G Wipe Degreasing Wipe

G Wipe Degreasing Wipe

Disposable wipe ideal for waterborne degreasers.

Farécla G Wipe Polishing Wipe

G Wipe Polishing Wipe

Multi-purpose disposable wipe.

G Wipe Tack Cloth

Large, high performance Tack Cloth used to prepare paint surfaces & remove dust & other airborne particles.

Farécla Tack Cloth Dispenser

Tack Cloth Dispenser

Low-tack tack cloths ideal for use with waterborne base coats. Cloth safe tray built into dispenser prevents contamination from used cloths.

Farécla Water Spray Bottle

Water Spray Bottle

Convienient plastic spray water spray dispenser, ideal for use in keeping panels cool during the compounding process.

Farécla Spurring Brush

Spurring Brush

Spurring Brush for manually cleaning excess compound from a pad.

Farécla Pad Washer

Pad Washer


Pad cleaning system to ensure that pads are kept clean and free from excess product during a job.