Customer Testimonials

G3 Premium System

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“When I saw G3 Ultra being advertised as the fastest cutting compound available, I didn’t believe it but decided to try it out. When I did, I found it did exactly what it said on the tin! It’s definitely beaten all the other products and is the best out there now.
It’s also clean and easy to use, and it’s really easy to see what you’re doing whilst you’re working with it.
The Premium pads are great too! Unlike pads from other companies, they have a recess and automatically centre onto my polishing machine. This means I don’t have to waste time attempting to centre them myself, which can take several goes, making them so much quicker.”
"We’ve been using Farécla G3 Ultra and G3 Fine for about two months. We are very impressed with the system - compared to what we were using, we find that G3 Ultra gives us the same cut but doesn’t leave the bad swirl marks.
It’s much faster, easier and cleaner and we finish with G3 Fine to get a really good finish."
   - O’Flaherty Motors
"G3 Ultra is fantastic. It produces an excellent gloss level on both fresh and cured paintwork – great!
It’s a big advance on older Farécla products we’d been using and I’d say it’s also better than competitor products we’d used in the past too!
Overall, G3 Ultra is a brilliant product and I will definitely be sticking with it."

Comments from our customers so far:

"Easiest compound I have ever used."
"Unlike other brands, it doesn't dry out for ages."
"The finish using just G3 Ultra is superb, even on black."
"No more milky looking dark colours, happy days."
"Checked the finish after 2 weeks and there is NO loss of gloss at all."

   - Refinish Systems Ltd

"First class product supported by even better customer service."

   - Marshall Motor Group

“I've been using Farécla for years but it's my first time using the G3 Premium Range and I'm very happy!”

   - Pitman SMART Repairs

"Very happy with the product and have already recommended it to colleagues!”

   - Chipsaway

“G3 Ultra is fantastic - I've already placed my first order! The gloss level is excellent and doesn't need any water.” 

   - John Lagan Body Repairs

“Amazing product! Gets a big thumbs up from the team at AutoValet!” 

   - AutoValet Vehicle Refurbishment

“It's fantastic."

   - Colourtone Limited

“Tried the new G3 formula…did all 3 steps on a black Alfa 159. Magnificent result - very happy.” 

   - HC Car Cleaning & Reconditioning

"I've been using Farécla for over 17 years!! I have painted thousands of cars and with every car I used Farécla! I have used it on mahogany river boats and windscreens on helicopters as well as for polishing planes, hot rods, supercars, and of course motorcycles! I love Farécla!

This new G3 is wicked! Fast and a really easy clean up! I just did a black 2010 Mercedes 63 AMG and I was worried how much work the polishing was going to take, but it was done with very little effort! Thank you Farécla!!!!"

   - Burnaby Carstar